Shawn Wallace Cops and Robbers Rolie Polie 40 2.5-inch Strips Jelly Roll Riley Blake RP-8610-40

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Cops and Robbers collection by designer Shawn Wallace (Doodle Girl) for Riley Blake Designs. When I was not-yet-9, Jimmy stole from my lunch bag. It wasn't something boring like a hardboiled egg or overripe banana. He stole my store-bought chocolate pudding Snack Pack! I shouldn't have been showing off, pushing that delightful snack into the noses of 3rd grades during show and tell, but I couldn't resist. It was my happiest day. Ever! About a week later, Jimmy's red Duncan yo-yo was stolen during recess. Boy, was he outraged! He wanted to call the police! And I learned something very valuable that day. Even bad kids know it’s not polite to steal. With just a quick 911 phone call during a distress, the police will be there to protect you in a few minutes. How wonderful is that?! They are our true superheroes! Risking their lives every day to protect us from possible harm. Cops and Robbers is a fun, playful collection showing that cops are the true heroes to help protect us from those who break the law. Once again, I wanted to jam-pack this collection with lots of detail because it not only stimulated a child's imagination but creates a story of safety and protection.