Kimberbell Luck O' The Charm: St. Patrick's Day Bench Pillow Embellishment Kit (KDKB194)

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NOTE: This is just the embellishment kit that goes with the St Patrick's Day bench pillow design We've gathered all the darlin' details and charms for your Luck o' the Gnome: St Patrick's Day Bench Pillow! Discover a treasure of sparkling leprechaun hats, shimmering rainbows, and wee buttons and knobs Kimberbellishments Included:(14) Cute as a Button (yellow) (1) Large Cute as a Button (lime green) (1) Large Rick Rack (black) 36(2) Embroidery Leather (seafoam green) 41„2 x 41„2 sheet (1) Spring has Sprung Buttons(1) Applique Glitter Sheets (black) 4 x 6 sheet(2) Mylar Sheet (iridescent) 71„2 x 71„2 sheet(1) Applique Glitter Sheets (light green) 4 x 6 sheet(1) Applique Polka Dot Glitter Sheet (green) 6 x 8 sheet (1) Applique Glitter Sheets (light gold) 4 x 4 sheet(1) Polka dot grosgrain ribbon (lime green) 18 3„8(1) Fusible woven interfacing 3 x 31„2(3) Wood beads(1) Felt (black) 6 x 12 sheet